Ashley + Cory

Our story starts with Cudi, the kitty. We'd been together almost 2 years when we decided it was time to add to our pack. My aunt runs a TNR group near Chicago and she had just recently brought in a litter of tiny kittens. From the moment I saw her, I knew she was ours. When she was 8 weeks old, we drove the long haul from Evansville to Chicago to pick up our little love. To this day, she's our truest companion. She's been with us through college, all of our moves, and sleeps all snuggled up with us every night. I've had pets throughout my childhood, but rescuing Cudi made me realize this was what I wanted as my career path. They aren't just pets, they are family members.

 Since college I have worked in a boarding facility and for FACE. In the middle of which we made the decision to welcome other's furry friends into our home! The beginning of Indy Mutts. 

Todd's Story:

Fast forward 3 years... I had been working at FACE for a few months when this vocal, itty bitty kitten was brought into the clinic, in a trap, and in need of hernia repair + foster. "Sure," I said, "I'll foster him!" (With no intention of adopting another cat yet.) Well this perfect, ginger kitten walked directly into our hearts and Cudi's. Todd: the foster fail. 

Brody's Story:

Also known as Bro Bro, Brody had a rough little start to life. He and his litter mates contracted parvo and his family was not able to afford the needed supportive care. His recovery was hard and along the way not everyone made it. However, Brody and brother Ziggy fought like true warriors and are now happy, healthy boys. He's outrageously smart, incredibly playful, and loves other dogs and people.